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We offer very important locksmithing services for all your security needs. For more questions, please read the Q&A below.

What are the strike plates?

The strike plates are the plates made of steel installed at the door jamb. They're secured with screws and have a small hole in the middle where the bolt of the door lock is inserted in order to secure the entrance. Our specialists recommend long screws so that the strike plate will be better secured against the jamb.

Do electronic locks work only with codes?

Electronic door locks are usually keyless. They work with codes. They have buttons and you must only enter your personal password in order to gain access to your house. Since the transition from the conventional to electronic security door locks is still taking place, there are electronic locks that also open with keys.

Why doesn't the key turn easily?

Keys don't turn easily in the door locks when they're damaged or there's a problem with the lock. The keyhole might be very dirty and the cylinder might be loose. In such cases, there will be obstructions keeping the lock from turning in order to lock or unlock the door and so the key won't turn either.

How do I troubleshoot a locked steering wheel?

Despite the common misconception, shaking the wheel is usually ineffective and may cause damage. Usually, turning the wheel in the direction in which there is less resistance and holding it like that for a few seconds should help. Still, since every car is different, you may want to check what the manufacturer recommends in the first place.

How do deadbolt locks work and are there different types?

There are two different types of deadbolt locks. The most common type is a single sided deadbolt that opens with a key on the outside and inside with a thumb turn. A double sided deadbolt requires a key on both sides. Without a thumb turn, a burglar cannot break in through a window and then unlock the door from the inside. The drawback to a double sided deadbolt is that in case of an emergency, the door cannot be opened from the inside without a key.

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