Tips on how to improve your locksmith skills.

Below you can find the best tips, ideas, secrets and suggestions for all locks.

Prevent keys from breaking

Don't fall into the trap of believing that keys don't break. They're surely made of hard steel but our technicians insist that they can break. In order to avoid such problems, you must not let them get distorted. Keep them away from heat and don't just throw them in your purse. Learn the value of key repair.

Rekey your new locks

We often make the mistake of believing that our new house with its new door locks doesn't need changes. Try to remember that the current security door locks were used by other people, too. They might still have the keys. Lock rekey is the solution. It doesn't cost much and you'll basically have a new key.

Keep a key copy in your wallet

One of the best ways to avoid a lockout is to have your keys duplicated. Then again, this may also risk invaders to gain access to your home or vehicle. Your best resort? Keep the key copy discreetly inside your wallet or purse. This would help if you do not have the habit of misplacing or losing your wallet or purse as well.

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